A few days left…

It’s been a while since our last blog post, but in the meantime, a lot of things have happened, things that brought us closer to the second edition of Summer Powwow…

There were changes, there was planning, there was building up…
We are now at the stage of preparation and more about

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Summer Powwow 2019

Summer Powwow 2019 is coming closer and we are in building mode!

Do you remember our office, bar and reception house with the amazing terrace rooftop!?
It is gone…

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Summer Powwow 2018

It was a great month of camping. The first edition of Summer Powwow was a great experience! The eco-friendly camping festival was brought to life and if we can summarize the experience we had with one word, this will be: together.

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Summer Powwow – three weeks camping

Summer Powwow is running now – for 21 days! It is been three weeks of camping, building, creating, having fun and enjoying all the things that we offer here!
Our team got bigger and everyone at camp loved our concept for tribal life.
People contribute their time and abilities, they donate and get involved in everything that we organize. Which is very encouraging! Now it the time to say – THANK YOU all!

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Summer Powwow – gamers event

As you all know – we have a great variety of things to do!
From art to sports. From held workshops to “do it yourself”.
Last week we had our gamers event – special edition!

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