Greetings from the Summer Powwow

Greetings from the camp!

If you were wondering why we have been quiet for the past few days – it is because we are acting on the spot and we are too busy with enjoying this summer camping festival!
Summer Powwow’s team is enlarging every day and even foreigners are joining! It’s been a great week at the camp!
So.. you wander what’s new!?

Well – we have our bar ready! It is full with good propositions for every taste. Homemade drinks, cocktails, beer, tasty coffee and etc.
We have our compost toilets ready, our sink installed. Next – our eco showers are coming up! Our stage is finished, so we continue with the planned events!
We had some volunteers, with whose help, we gained a nice wooden pavilion and we are almost ready with our terrace – the highest spot on camp, from where you can see 360 degree amazing view!

As we wanted – Summer Powwow is in harmony with nature. It is sharing and freedom. We camp, we cook and eat, we work and chill together! Our camp has a real tribal culture! But, we leave you to see for your self!

Check this new photos and visit us on spot!


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