Summer Powwow – Day 3

As it was planned – our summer camp started!
Eco-friendly and definitely interactive!
No doubt, Summer Powwow is giving you an opportunity

to have an active holiday, to learn something helpful and to leave your mark on the camp!

The third day of Summer Powwow gathered even more helping hands! The office was cleaned inside and partly out. The decoration and inside organization were started! The cleaning of our summer terrace( the roof ) was started and it is soon to be the most unique place, which planning and construction have already begun!
The grass was continuously and persistently cut! And, although it looks unbearably hot on the photos, the weather in Gostilitsa is wonderful.
Sunshine and cooling wind!
The base for our stage was ready, as well as the base for our eco showers and compost toilets.
The third day was marked with big success and accomplishment of our daily tasks!


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